Enabling our clients the opportunity to reach out to their target audience on a wider platform

Whether it's a video to display on your website or a stand-alone communication to play on a device, we strive to deliver the best possible creative solution that brings your video to life setting you aside from your competitors.


Videos are so influential for companies when it comes to attracting and engaging their target audience with their brand

We are committed to staying in touch with current industry trends and standards


We have experience creating a variety of video communications for Aviation, Nuclear Energy and Maritime Defence.

Video has served as a huge platform not only for the formation of our company, but has enabled us to greatly enhance our approach to design and strategy for video. Using our knowledge and experience we have created engaging and informative video packages for diverse target audiences across multiple industries.


Our approach starts by us firstly listening to you, generating an accurate brief allowing us to have a deep technical understanding of your requirements.

We believe it is critical that from the outset that you inform of us what the purpose of your video is and the audience it is intended for. Planning out your video communication thoroughly can eliminate potential problems with structure and content. The style and content of your Video will always adhere to your branding guidelines, giving you brand consistency across all platforms.

We always approach the following branding elements:

Use of colour; adhering to your branding guidelines

Tone and emotion; serious to humorous

Graphics; corporate to humorous styles and correct use of logo and images



Our experience collaborating with various global manufacturers has given us vital project and time management skills

We start by us firstly listening to you, generating an accurate brief allowing us to have a deep technical understanding of your requirements. Throughout the entire process we keep you updated on the progress of your video. Links can be sent out allowing you to view the progress of your video and also provide any feedback or questions you may have. We provide you with a time estimate, setting weekly milestones to meet ensuring your video is on schedule from start to completion.


Should you have any concerns or restraints we can advise you on a suitable approach to take. Any requests you may have will be taken on board and we will always give an honest opinion or alternative suggestion if we deem it necessary.

It's our priority to deliver a product that exceeds your expectations on time and to budget.


Below are a range of our Video services

Be sure to check in on us every now and again and see what new options we have to offer. However if you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Informs your audience 'what they want to know' in a quick and clear manner. Step by step instructions that show complex information, data and knowledge in a quick and clear visual manner.


Informing the audience how to use various computer software or internal intranet page portals. Usually a step by step communication accompanied by narration, subtitles, screenshots and highlights.


A welcome communication for a new member of staff or a team. Highlights rules, guidelines health and safety; with a brief introduction about the team and business.

Motion Graphics

Adds humour and a memorable experience. Production costs are lower in comparison to using video equipment and being reliant on actors and potential re-shoots. Complex information can become vastly simplified as some ideas are much easier to impart in the form of Motion Graphics.


Usually found on the homepage of a website or playing on loop in a business reception area. You may wish to inform your target audience about your businesses history, mission and core values. A Profile video can help emphasise the services you have to offer, leaving a lasting first impression intriguing the viewer in to discovering more about your business.


Having a video playing on your businesses exhibition stand helps you stand out from the crowd intriguing a passerby. We can create a video to help inform the audience about your business and what services you have to offer.

Internal Communications

An effective method of making internal company announcements and communications. You may want to inform news, promote a milestone, announce an award, encourage team building, or inspire staff.


We are highly experienced using current video editing and enhancing software

Below are some additional features we have to offer as part of our video services...

Visual FX

Using various methods such as colour correcting, audio levels, effects and visual enhancement, we can give you a communication that sets you aside from your competitors.


We can optimise your video to display in multiple formats on all popular browsers and devices


Should you need us to edit or re-use your existing footage we can. We can add to or remove various parts of your video. We can also enhance and integrate it in to a new project.

*Charged at an hourly rate +VAT


Enhance your product!

No hassle of dealing with multiple design companies. Should you require any additional content, we offer a variety of services you can add to your existing product such as...


From creating impossible scenarios that could only exist in the mind's eye to photo realistic prototypes yet to physically exist. We have the expertise to create highly detailed and realistic looking models for function, exploration or static use.

Motion Graphics

A powerful method of communicating messages and scenarios; the only limitation is creativity. Used from serious to humorous causes across sectors such as training, awareness, education and entertainment.


Our latest work


A variety of integrated services


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